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MobileMapper Field Software for Android


MobileMapper Field is a field software application used to collect GIS data. MobileMapper Field allows you to:

• Log features in the field and enter values for their attributes.

• Revisit features in the field to update their attributes.

• Define new categories of features (i.e. layers) and assign as many types of attributes as necessary for new projects.

• View background maps to help you more easily spot features in the field.

• Export the collected data in 2D/3D SHP, MIF, CSV or DXF format.

• Collect raw data in the background and then, when back at the office, enhance the accuracy of the collected positions. This requires that you purchase the Postprocessing option for MobileMapper Field and you use exclusively MobileMapper Office to process your field data.

*Software is provided by electronic download.

MobileMapper Field and Office Software DataSheet (MMFO_Andr_UG_en_Nov2018.pdf, 4,937 Kb) [Download]

MobileMapper Field Android V3.1.10 (MobileMapperField-3.1.10.apk, 0 Kb) [Download]

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