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Mobile Mapper Office Software

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MobileMapper Office is free for use with MobileMapper Field Software for Android (Centimeter PostProcessing does have a charge to unlock)

MobileMapper Office allows you to:

• Provide a better way to view the data collected in the field. Field data are grouped together in files (jobs) with the “map” extension.

• Automatically search for the reference raw data (raw data from a base) that match your field raw data and download them to your computer.

• Post-process all the raw data (from reference and field) to determine more accurate positions for all your features.

• Perform quality tests on the post-processing.

• Display background maps. • Create new categories of layers for future projects.

• Export data to standard formats (csv, kml, gpx).

• View your features on Google Earth.

• Convert existing projects to get their results on different coordinate systems.

Click here to download MobileMapper Office Version 5.0.7

MobileMapper Office Release Notes

MobileMapper Field and Office Software User Guide (MMFO_Andr_UG_en_Nov2018.pdf, 4,937 Kb) [Download]