Hunt GPS Map Chip + 1 YR Membership


New with OnXMaps GPS Chip and Membership Combo. When you Purchase one of these chips you also get a 1 year OnXMaps Premium Membership which allows you to access all the same features and more for your selected state. Have access to all of the units, boundaries, Topo and the other features listed below. Now you can plan your next adventure and always know where you are on the map.

Select Your State from the Drop-Down Above! The 1 Year Membership included is for OnXMaps Premium, which gives you 12 months access to a single state.

  • Land owner name appears on parcels within the state - Searchable on BaseCamp and GPS Unit
  • Color-Coded Land Ownership Data
  • Deer, Elk and Extended Boundaries
  • Wilderness Areas
  • 24K Topo
  • Section Lines and Numbers
  • Roads | Trails | Nation Forest Land | Campgrounds | Geographic Names | Water | Fishing Access | Airports + Many More!

Data Collection
  • Data Collection (without GIS export)
Garmin GPS Chip:
  • Yes
Map Data Available
  • Campgrounds and secluded Campsites
  • Geographic and Recreational Point of Interests
  • Motor Vehicle Roads and Trails
  • Nationwide USFS Roads
  • Nationwide USFS Trails and Wilderness
  • Private Land Boundaries
  • Public Lands
  • Trail and Trailhead Locations
  • USGS Topo Maps
  • Water Data such as rivers, creeks, and lakes with flow direction
Mobile App:
  • Yes
Offline Capable:
  • Yes
Private Land Boundaries:
  • Yes
Team Collaboration
  • No