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Full Line of Trimble Mobile Computers - Yuma, Ranger, Nomad, Recon - Now Available

We now carry the Trimble Yuma, Ranger, Nomad, and Recon - as well as a full line of accessories for each model.

Please visit our Online Store for full deatils/specs/pricing/info on each model and the accessories you need.


Juniper Mesa Rugged Notebooks MSA-1, MSA-3, MSA-5 - Rock Solid, Field Ready

Meet the Mesa Rugged Notepad™— featuring the advantages of both a tablet PC and a rugged handheld computer, without the disadvantages of either.

The Mesa is a data collection powerhouse with massive screen real estate, yet still feels like a compact handheld at the end of the long work day. To make life even better, the Mesa comes with a speedy Windows Mobile® 6.5.3 operating system that features enhanced pan and flick gestures, improved memory management, and finger-friendly screens.

Like other Juniper Systems products, the Mesa provides a battery life that lasts all day (up to 16 hours), includes endless expansion opportunities, and is rugged enough to use as a wheel chock if the truck starts to roll.

Bigger is better. That’s definitely true of the Mesa’s 5.7 inch VGA active viewing display. No other Windows Mobile® rugged handheld computer sports a screen bigger than the Mesa. Plus, the screen is bright enough to easily see in the great outdoors.

Unique to the Mesa is its one-of-a-kind Juniper Systems home screen. This custom home screen puts the most-used device functions in an on-screen dashboard for easy access. Features include user-defined shortcuts and 11 screen gadgets for controlling wireless connections, GPS, texting, email, calendar, and power functions.

Built to survive the harshest environments, the Mesa is the perfect companion for everything rugged. This tough heap of equipment can survive four foot drops onto concrete, full immersion in water, and temperatures up to a scorching 122°F.

The Mesa is fully waterproof and dustproof, earning it an IP67 rating. It is also tested to MIL-STD-810G for water, humidity, sand and dust, vibration, altitude, shock, and temperature. Visit the Mesa’s specifications page for all the nitty-gritty details on this rugged handheld computer.

With two battery slots, the Mesa is sure to last through the most rigorous usage. It operates for up to 16 hours with two batteries, and only takes a quick 2-4 hours to fully charge. And if push comes to shove, the batteries are warm-swappable in the field, ensuring continued use without losing any data.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity
3.2MP Camera (Geo & Geo 3G)
GPS (Geo & Geo 3G)
Juniper Geotagging: embed and emboss photo with date, time, and GPS position (Geo & Geo 3G)
3G GSM Modem (Geo 3G only)

New Ricoh G700SE Camera Now Available

The Ricoh G700SE Dynamic Capture Imaging Solution delivers a streamlined process for integrating quality images into mapping software applications, offering the ideal solution for GIS professionals.


•Embeds GPS data coordinates with captured images automatically
•Transfers pictures and data to mapping software seamlessly
•Provides a rugged, field-ready geo-imaging solution
•Delivers superior resolution and ease of use

•Geo-codes images as they are captured and automatically stores GPS coordinates in the image file header
•Associates additional meta-data with captured images through a user-configurable menu system on the camera
•Allows image imprinting with GPS coordinates and any associated data
•Sends geo-coded images to a PC running ArcMap® where a plug-in tool extracts GPS data from images and generates standard ESRI "shape" layer files
•Links images and associated meta-data to mapped points based on their GPS location

•Streamlines workflow, saves time and increases accuracy of information
•Offers more convenience with wireless connectivity
•Provides immediate access to captured images and associated data

 •Uses the Ricoh G700SE Dynamic Capture Imaging Solution as a single unit solution with optional GPS module or in conjunction with external GPS devices via Bluetooth®
•Receives NMEA data wirelessly from Bluetooth® enabled GPS device for increased accuracy
•Sends images, or file names of images, wirelessly to a Bluetooth® enabled smart phone
•Supports two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously for additional telemetry, such as laser range finders

 To understand how your workflow can benefit from Geo-imaging, dial 573-358-2522 for more information.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V GPS Camera - Now Available

With built-in GPS and Compass!  Capture stunning low-light images and sweeping panoramic views with the DSC-HX5V featuring an "Exmor R" CMOS Sensor. Plus, catch fast action shots with up to 10 frames per seconds shooting. Full HD movie mode records amazingly detailed video and a 25mm equivalent wide angle 10x high-zoom G lens offers stellar image quality.

Garmin Oregon 550T Now Available

The navigator with the photographic memory - Oregon 550t combines rugged outdoor touchscreen navigation with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera. Add preloaded U.S. topo maps, along with a high-sensitiviy GPS, barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass and microSD card slot.  The result?  A multipurpose device that will make your biggest adventures even more memorable.

Trimble Mobile Computer Accessories

We have recently added a combined total of 102 Trimble accessories to our online store. We now carry a complete line of accessories for the Trimble Yuma, Ranger, Nomad, and Recon.  Outfit your unit(s) with the accessories you need to get the job done.

Please visit our Online Store for a complete list of accessories available for each model.

Wind Image For ArcMap Now Available

The new Wind Image extension for ESRI ArcMap software is now available. This new extension will processes images from the Ricoh GPS enabled digital camera, or any Geo-Tagged image. Giving the user the ability to imprint GPS and attribute data on images. It includes image editing tools such as crop, rotate, and many more. It gives users the ability to edit the embedded EXIF information. Options to create SHP files and Geodatabase feature classes with the images hyperlinked based on the EXIF information. And the ability to process all of the images into an “Image Dataset” within an ESRI geodatabase storing the images and the feature class in the database. This new extension gives users the most complete set of image integration tools available inside of ArcMap.

For More information on Wind Image click here

TDS Nomad Now Available

The new TDS Nomad packs even more functionality into the most powerful and full-featured rugged handheld computer available. Start with an 806 MHz processor, a long-life battery and integrated wireless capabilities like GPS, 802.11g, and Bluetooth.rnThen select an optional Nomad configuration that includes an integrated laser bar code scanner and color digital camera.rnThe Nomad also features a high-resolution, sunlight-visible VGA display that shows graphics and maps in crisp detail. And it's fully rugged and just as tough as our other handhelds which means the Nomad offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than consumer-grade handhelds.

New Ricoh 500SE

The Ricoh 500SE GPS-ready Digital Camera

Capture Location Data with Your Images

• Automatically embeds GPS coordinates with captured images

• Seamless transfer of pictures and data to mapping software

• Rugged field-ready Geo-imaging solution

• Superior resolution and ease of use

Reliable, Durable, Proven

Ricoh understands the needs of the GIS professional.

The 500SE provides the defnitive streamlined process to

integrate quality images into mapping software applications.

From the flood waters of New Orleans to the sands of Iraq,

the Ricoh Geo-imaging solution has passed the test of time in

the most demanding of conditions. To understand how your

workflow can benefit from Geo-imaging, dial 573-358-2522

for more information.

New ESRI GeoCollector™

What is GeoCollector?

GeoCollector™ is an ESRI/Trimble mobile GIS product line available exclusively through ESRI and its Value-added Resellers.

What are the key features of GeoCollector?

Each GeoCollector system comprises a GeoExplorer® 2005 series handheld (GeoXM™, GeoXT™, or GeoXH™) preloaded with ESRI ArcPad software and Trimble® GPScorrect™ extension for ESRI ArcPad software. The Trimble GPS Analyst™ extension for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software is an additional option. GeoCollector is only available as an integrated package with all of the components shipped in a single box (if purchased, the GPS Analyst extension ships separately).

For more information visit:

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