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Trimble Introduces the New Yuma 2 Rugged Handheld Tablet

Product Overview Yuma 2 Trio

Unlike consumer products or tablets that have been given an exterior shell to make them “rugged,” the Trimble Yuma 2 is built rugged from the inside out, with IP65 protection from dust and water, and with military-grade MIL-STD-810G certification for temperature, altitude, humidity extremes, vibration and shock.

Using the Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional operating system and 4 GB of DDR3 DRAM, the Yuma 2 allows mobile users to work with the same documents and data as they do in the office.

Connectivity via Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and optional dual-mode GSM or CDMA 3.75G cellular data module enables manageable and efficient workflows wherever your mobile workforce goes. The Yuma 2 tablet computer includes a dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor to run software applications fast and reliably.

The Yuma 2 includes two USB host ports, HDMI output and a matched set of long-life batteries for all day use in the field, with a set of even stronger extended life batteries available as an optional accessory. There are six keys including three user-programmable function buttons and a 5-way directional keypad.

For security, the Yuma 2 provides a built-in, certified Trusted Processing Module (TPM) encryption module to allow security programming for Wi-Fi and direct connect authentication. A Kensington security port provides your workers with the ability to physically secure the Yuma 2 using a variety of Kensington computer security products.

The Yuma 2 is available in 4 models and 3 color combinations.

New Bright Sunlight Readable Display

The Yuma 2 features a new patent-pending dual technology display system created specifically to enhance the sunlight readability of the Yuma 2. No matter how bright or direct the glare, the Yuma 2 provides a clear, easy-to-read workspace. The full-color, seven inch screen resides under a Gorilla® Glass panel that is just as tough as the rest of the tablet.

With the multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, users can type with fingers, stylus or capacitive gloves and can control the size of the keyboard on the display for ease of use. Controlled zoom can optimize the user experience with maps and detailed information. The display can be used vertically or horizontally and is configurable to hold the orientation or to alter it in response to the accelerometer.

Enhanced Features of the Yuma 2

The GPS Receiver is accurate to 2 to 4 meters with SBAS, and the Yuma 2 supports connecting an external GPS antenna that can be utilized when users are on foot or inside a vehicle.

The 5 megapixel camera captures photos and videos, features autofocus and an LED flash, and the camera software can automatically include time and location data from the GPS receiver. Smart lithium-ion batteries power the Yuma 2 for 8 hours in typical use, and the optional Extended Battery Set enables up to 16 hours of use1.

Trimble MCS announced the Yuma 2 rugged computer and related accessory products on October 29, 2012. Product shipments will commence the week of November 14, 2012. See our Web store for details.






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