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Kestrel® 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker

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US $299.00

Using a built-in digital compass, the Kestrel 4500 measures wind direction in addition to wind speed and effective crosswind, headwind, and tailwind. Simply point the instrument in the direction of the wind to instantly obtain wind speed and wind direction in degrees and cardinal compass points. Readings can be stored in the 2,000 data-set memory. Combine the Kestrel 4500 with a portable vane mount and portable tripod (each sold separately) for a data-logging weather station that rotates in even the slightest breeze and is ideal for short-term monitoring. In addition to taking wind measurements, the unit also measures air, water, and snow temperature; wind chill; relative humidity; dewpoint; heat stress index; barometric pressure; altitude; density altitude; and wet bulb temperature. Measurements are shown on the backlit display. You can easily customize screens to display user-selected measurements as well as graph and recall trends. The waterproof Kestrel 4500 floats and includes a protective pouch, neck and wrist lanyards, and 2 AAA batteries.

Five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Assembled in the USA. Specifications Minimum wind speed: 0.8 mph (0.6 knots, 1.0 km/h, 0.4 m/s, or 59 fpm). Maximum wind speed: 89.0 mph (78.0 knots, 144 km/h, 40.0 m/s, or 7,877 fpm). Wind speed accuracy: ±3%. Wind direction accuracy: ±5°. Update: 1 second. Temperature and wind chill accuracy: ±1°C. Wind chill factor resolution: ±0.1°C. Relative humidity accuracy: ±3% from 5% to 95%. Dew point temperature accuracy: ±2°C. Heat index accuracy: ±2°C*. Temperature resolution: ±0.1°F (±0.1°C). Barometric pressure accuracy: ±1.5 hPa/mb (at 25.0°C, <6,000 m="" altitude="" range:="" at="" 77="" 0="" f="" 19="" 700="" max="" error="" 98="" 25="" c="" 6="" 000="" 30="" density="" 32="" to="" 100="" 5="" 95="" rh="" 8="" 86="" 48="" inhg="" 37="" -2="" 9="" hpa="" operating="" temperature:="" -4="" 140="" -20="" 60="" temperature="" 158="" -29="" 70="" accurate="" readings="" can="" be="" taken="" by="" keeping="" the="" unit="" warmer="" than="" and="" exposing="" it="" for="" minimum="" time="" necessary="" less="" one="" minute="" take="" a="" reading="" impeller:="" 1="" diameter="" sapphire="" bearings="" lightweight="" sensor:="" hermetically="" sealed="" precision="" thermistor="" humidity="" polymer="" capacitive="" sensor="" display:="" graphical="" backlit="" lcd="" sealing:="" electronics="" enclosure="" ip67="" water="" resistant="" 3="" ft="" floats="" battery:="" two="" aaa="" alkaline="" batteries="" included="" battery="" life:="" 400="" hrs="" dimensions:="" x="" p="">

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