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Ranger 36 Month Extended Warranty

Ranger 36 Month Extended Warranty ― Wind Environmental Services, LLC OnLine Store
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The Ranger 36 Month Extended Warranty extends the Ranger manufacturer 1-year warranty by an additional 36 months.

Please note:

  • An Extended Warranty purchased with a rugged computer will be assigned to that rugged computer.
  • An Extended Warranty purchased without a rugged computer will require the customer to provide a serial number to assign the Extended Warranty to.

Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS) Division Extended Warranty Program

Extended Warranty with Accidental Damage Coverage Available for North America

All Trimble MCS rugged outdoor computing products, including the Nomad, Recon and Ranger rugged handheld computers, and the Yuma rugged tablet computer, come with a one-year standard manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship from or by the manufacturer. But our confidence goes far beyond defects.

Just how confident are we that our computers are rugged?

Confident enough that our Extended Warranty Program is expanded to include accidental damage coverage in addition to our standard manufacturer warranty for our rugged outdoor computing product line. Any accidental damage to your Trimble rugged outdoor computer is covered for the duration of the Extended Warranty purchased.

What is covered under "accidental damage?"

Have you ever left a job site with equipment sitting on the roof of your rig? If that equipment was a Nomad rugged handheld with coverage under MCS' Extended Warranty Program, any damage from hitting the road (or from other vehicles running over it while it is in the road) is covered. In your travels, have you encountered corrosive materials that corroded the connectors on your electronics? If the electronic device is an MCS rugged outdoor computer—covered by extended warranty—the repair is covered. Not everything is covered under the Extended Warranty Program, so please review the Extended Warranty FAQ Bulletin for a list of exclusions.

Extended Warranty highlights:

  • When an Extended Warranty is purchased, the standard one-year manufacturer warranty is:
    • automatically upgraded to include accident coverage (see Figure 1) and
    • extended per the length of the Extended Warranty purchased.
  • The Extended Warranty must be purchased either at the time of purchase of your new handheld computer or within first year of ownership.
  • The Extended Warranty Program applies to Trimble rugged outdoor computers sold in North America only.
  • The Extended Warranty applies to accidental damage in addition to standard manufacturer warranty for defects in workmanship or parts.
  • A rugged outdoor computer must be returned with the serial number intact to qualify for repairs under warranty.
  • Trimble may repair or replace your rugged outdoor computer at our discretion.
  • The Extended Warranty does not cover PowerBoot Modules, battery packs or consumable accessory items such as a screen protector, stylus and stylus tether.
  • Refer to MCS Extended Warranty FAQ Bulletin for exclusions.

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