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Terrain Navigator PRO North Dakota

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Terrain Navigator PRO North Dakota

1 meter Color Aerial Photos for most of the country U.S - Use color Aerial Photos, USGS topos, 2D and 3D, Google™ Earth Interface and Streets* data to cover your area.

  • Google Earth Interface, Easy Export of TNP Data to Google Earth, Overlays included in Print Previews
  • Township Range Grids, Display and Look-up, Multiple Coordinate Display, Undo Feature, Mouse Button Swap for use with Touch Screen
  • Use the maps and aerial photos as a base layer in ArcView, ArcGIS, Intergraph, AutoCAD, MapInfo, MicroStation, ERDAS, Photoshop and other applications.
  • Shapefile, DXF, and KML/KMZ import and export capability
  • One-click PDF export. Create PDF exports directly from the print window.
  • Updated GPS compatibility, including map and photo upload to Custom Map Compatible Garmin GPS units.

PRO 9.51 Features

New Features Include: Free Terrain Navigator Pro AppTNP APP

  • New 1 meter Color Aerial Photos for most of the U.S.
  • Google Earth Interface
  • Overlays Included in Print Previews
  • Easy Export of TNP Data to Google Earth
  • Township Range Grids, Display and Look-up
  • Multiple Coordinate Display
  • Undo Feature
  • Mouse Button Swap for use with Touch Screen
  • Aerial Photos - Access 1-meter resolution Digital Orthophoto Quads via the Internet for a year and use them the same way you use topo maps - print, add marks, measure areas, project photos in 3-D, and view topos and photos side by side. Any photos you download are yours to keep. Subscription renewals are available for following years.
  • Color Aerial Photos - 1-meter or sub-meter color photography is now available for most metropolitan and rural areas.
  • GIS and CAD Ready - Use the maps and aerial photos as a base layer in ArcView, ArcGIS, Intergraph, AutoCAD, MapInfo, MicroStation, ERDAS, PhotoShop and other applications.
  • Shapefile and DEM Export - It’s easier than ever to work with GIS and CAD applications. Shapefile export tools are built in. You can also export Digital Elevation Models as BIL or USGS DEMs. There’s even a free ArcGIS      Extension so you can use Maptech maps and photos directly in ArcGIS.
  • Updated USGS Topographic Maps - Map editions have been updated for many areas, and they are included as part of the aerial photo subscription.
  • Copy maps to your hard drive - By popular demand, now you can copy maps from DVDs to your hard drive. Convenience and faster performance.
  • Line-of-site height offsets - Type-in height offsets for towers in your line-of-site profile plots. An essential feature for telecommunications      planners.
  • Dynamic Street Addresses - Move the cursor over maps or photos, and it displays street addresses. Click on streets or structures to add custom street labels. You can also search for maps and locations by typing in an      address. Updated Street Addresses and Benchmarks - New street address data improves address searches on maps and photos.
  • GeoPins - It's a whole new way to organize project materials by location. Drag and drop file shortcuts from your desktop onto maps and photos. Keep track of the documents as part of your map portfolio. Works      with photos from your digital camera, web sites, office documents, real estate listings, CAD drawings, and most other PC files.
  • GeoTips - GeoTips is an "auto-text" feature, letting you mouse-over maps or photos to determine street name, address,      coordinates, elevation, grade, length, or area. GeoTips can also be placed as labels to quickly annotate a map or photo.
  • Labels - New label tools are provided for custom annotating  maps and photos. Use labels to make notes, name objects and map features. Powerful "auto-text" feature lets you instantly annotate a map or photo with labels containing street name, address, coordinates, elevation, grade, length, or area.
  • More marker symbols, line patterns, and area fills - Customize your maps and photos with new and improved marker symbols, lines, area fills, and notes.
  • Projects - Organize your maps, photos, GeoPins, and annotations into separate projects. Allows you to create multiple maps showing different features and annotations at the same locations
  • Project Management - Organize your project documents by map location. Drag and drop file shortcuts from your desktop onto maps and photos. GeoPins work with digital camera images, office documents, website URLs and any standard PC files. New project import and export tools let you easily share projects with other Terrain Navigator Pro users.
  • 3-D fly-around video clip recording - Perhaps the coolest new feature of all! Display a map or aerial photo in 3-D, then record a 3-D fly-around  as a short video clip. Email the video clip to a client, colleague, and friend. Copy and paste the video clip into a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Mapping Tools - Add buffer zones inside or outside areas of interest. View coordinate grids right on top of maps, and if you want to view the overlays by themselves, turn the map layers off. Land Surveyors have the new option to enter data by quadrant angle.
  • GPS Tools - The GPS Wizard makes GPS connections easier than ever. GPS Time is a new addition to tracks letting you automatically synchronize digital photos by the location and time they were taken. LOC and GPX geocaching data formats are now supported.
  • Print and Web Tools - New print options give you more flexibility to choose scales and margins. Quickly turn maps and photos into interactive Web pages that can be viewed by anyone with a standard browser.

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