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NEW! Vehicle Docking Station for the Trimble Yuma

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Yuma Vehicle Docking Station

Ram Mount

Transport the power and connectivity of your office in your vehicle

The Trimble Yuma Vehicle Docking Station converts your vehicle to a fully functional office or mobile workstation. Once the Yuma tablet is mounted on the

  vehicle dock, you can connect with a variety of peripherals and instruments, including a precision GPS antenna. With the expanded connectivity of the Vehicle Docking Station, the Yuma tablet is an even more powerful tool for collecting and sending data on the go. While you take the Yuma tablet out in the field, your peripheral devices remain connected to the docking station and are instantly ready when you re-dock.


Convenience of quick dock/undock with lock-and-key security

 The Vehicle Docking Station secures the Yuma tablet computer in place as you travel from one job site to the next. Whether you hit a pothole in your work truck or bounce over rough terrain in heavy equipment, the Vehicle Docking Station is designed to withstand jolts and vibration, while continuing to function. Once at the job site, just twist the release knob and the Vehicle Docking Station snaps open, allowing you to grab your Yuma as you leave the vehicle. After your field work, place the Yuma on the dock and press down on the dock top until it clicks closed. The dock includes a keyed lock to enhance security of the Yuma tablet in case you need to leave it unattended in the vehicle.

Connect to external GPS antenna
To more precisely locate assets in the field or report location information, the vehicle docking station connects to an external GPS antenna, available separately. Once you undock the Yuma tablet it will switch back to its internal GPS antenna until it is docked again.

The Vehicle Docking Station is designed for semi-permanent installation in a vehicle. A qualified car stereo installation technician can perform a complete installation.



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