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Esri Press publishes books about the science, application, and technology of geographic information systems (GIS). Esri Press supports the global community with publications that advance geographic understanding, literacy, and learning in all endeavors, including education, business, government, and health care.

As GIS technology has evolved and grown, so has the language of this powerful tool. Written, developed, and reviewed by more than 150 subject-matter experts, A to Z GIS is packed with more than 1,800 terms, nearly 400 full-color illustrations, and seven encyclopedia-style appendix articles about annotation and labels, features, geometry, layers in ArcGIS, map projections and coordinate systems, remote sensing, and topology. A to Z GIS is a must-have resource for managers, programmers, users, writers, editors, and students discovering the interdisciplinary nature of GIS.

US $23.96

Arc Hydro Groundwater: GIS for Hydrogeology describes the groundwater data model, a new geodatabase design for representing groundwater systems using ArcGIS— software. The groundwater data model shares a common framework with the surface water data model, Arc Hydro. Examples illustrating concepts and uses of the Arc Hydro Groundwater data model for management, visualization, and analysis, make this book an invaluable resource for hydrologists, water professionals, GIS specialists, and students who work with groundwater data to research and solve water resource problems.

US $51.96

Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop introduces principles of GIS as it teaches the mechanics of using ESRI’s leading technology. Key concepts are combined with detailed illustrations and step-by-step exercises to acquaint readers with the building blocks of ArcGIS Desktop including ArcMap for displaying and querying maps, ArcCatalog for organizing geographic data, and ModelBuilder for diagramming and processing solutions to complex spatial analysis problems. Its broad scope, simple style, and practical orientation make this book an ideal classroom text and an excellent resource for independent study. A data CD for working through the exercises is included with the book, and access to a 180-day trial of ArcGIS Desktop 10 is provided.

US $63.96

Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder teaches readers how to develop and run reusable geoprocessing workflows and models in ModelBuilder, a visual programming technology available in ArcGIS™. Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder presents basic and more complex concepts and demonstrates best practices through hands-on exercises. Divided into seven chapters addressing model basics, interactive models, flow control, multiple inputs, model iterations, model environment, and building documentation, this book fosters a comprehensive knowledge of ModelBuilder for the classroom and for self-learners. All the data needed for the exercises, as well as examples of models, Python scripts, and custom applications, are included in a companion DVD.

US $63.96

GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook, Fourth Edition meets a growing demand for effective GIS training by providing tutorials and assignments that teach you how to collect data, create maps, and perform spatial analysis.

ISBN: 9781589482593    2010   428 pages

US $63.96

GIS Tutorial 2: Spatial Analysis Workbook, provides hands-on exercises to help GIS users at the intermediate level build problem-solving and analysis skills.

ISBN: 9781589483378    2013   344 pages  


US $63.96

Intended for the intermediate to advanced GIS user, GIS Tutorial 3: Advanced Workbook explores the full breadth of ArcGIS software by demonstrating the complex capabilities of the tools available with the higher license levels of ArcGIS® Desktop.

ISBN: 9781589482074    2010   412 pages

US $63.96

GIS Tutorial for Crime Analysis is a crime-mapping workbook for analysts and students of criminology. This book combines step-by-step tutorials with independent exercises to introduce key GIS skills, including data preparation, template building, and map production automation. Exercises teach readers skills needed in police departments across the nation. In addition to exercises, this book includes a 180-day trial version of ArcGIS Desktop 10® software and exercise-data. An instructor resource DVD is available on request.

US $63.96

In its third edition, GIS Tutorial for Health is fully-revised and updated for ArcGIS® 9.3 software compatibility. To better support skill-building and development, this workbook features extended introductions to eleven tutorials addressing significant issues of health care and policy-planning. Additionally, GIS Tutorial for Health contains a new tutorial that utilizes the ArcGIS® Spatial Analyst extension to estimate the demand for automated defibrillators in public places.
Complete with an ArcGIS®, ArcView® level 180-day trial DVD, and a CD containing new data, this step-by-step tutorial is a valuable resource for the classroom, as well as the individual user.

US $63.96

GIS Tutorial for Homeland Security presents a key ingredient to the recovery and improvement of national security with exercises that integrate best practices of GIS technology and public safety. GIS Tutorial for Homeland Security is the perfect start to building and examining different strategies of defense, presenting tutorials on preparing a Minimum Essential Data Sets (MEDS) database, information sharing and collaboration, disseminating indicators and warnings, establishing a critical infrastructure protection program, citizen protection, search and rescue, and more. Public safety officers, government officials, and students of criminal justice and public administration will benefit from the exercises in this workbook.

US $63.96

Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections is an easy-to-navigate, troubleshooting reference for any GIS user with the common problem of data misalignment. Complete with full-color maps and diagrams, this book presents techniques to identify data projections and create custom projections to align data. Formatted for practical use, each chapter can stand alone to address specific issues related to working with coordinate systems. Lining Up Data in ArcGIS will benefit new and skilled GIS users alike.

US $19.96

Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project Workbook explains the methods, tools, and processes needed to apply full-scale GIS analysis to a spatially based problem. This book lets you assume the role of a GIS analyst challenged with finding the best location for a new park along the Los Angeles River in Southern California. The problem is complex: you need vacant land that’s close to the river in park-poor urban neighborhoods with lots of families. The book provides the starting data and guidance you need to perform a complete GIS analysis: explore the study area; evaluate the data; build a database; process, edit, and analyze the data; model alternative outcomes; map your findings; and share your results on interactive Web maps. Through this process, you develop critical-thinking and geographic problem-solving skills. You also learn to use ArcGIS ® Desktop 10 software from Esri ®.

US $63.96

The Web has revealed the immense value and broad applicability of GIS, set the bar for today’s user expectations, and introduced flexible architectures for use with modern IT infrastructure. From basic architecture to new frontiers, Web GIS: Principles and Applications presents a thorough overview of the origins and developments of this emerging platform. New Web technologies addressed include ArcGIS® Server, REST services, JavaScript API/Flex API, and ArcGIS® Mobile. This book offers a balance of principles, concepts, and techniques to provide you with an understanding of how Web GIS can revolutionize the way your GIS functions.

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