The Vehicle Docking Station expands the connectivity of the Trimble Yuma tablet computer while securing it in customer’s vehicle.

US $426.55

Office Dock, AC Power Supply, Four (4) International plug adapters

US $565.25

The Yuma vehicle charger enables recharge capability between jobs or during a road trip. Whether topping off or completely recharging your Yuma batteries, this 12V DC compatible charger helps you get more from your work day.

US $179.55

Heavy duty vehicle charge kit.

US $284.05

The Yuma tactical vehicle mount provides a solid interface to connect the Yuma rugged tablet to any 1.0 inch ball RAM Mount system. Whatever your vehicle or mounting need, RAM Mount has a combination that solves your need.

US $128.25

This rugged keyboard is designed to mount in any vehicle, including emergency, police, and service, as well as transport trucks and marine vessels.

US $375.25

This rugged case provides protection against accidental drops and makes it easy to carry the Yuma with you when not actively using it.

US $56.05

This rechargeable Lithium-Ion 2600 mAh battery provides 7.4V and 20 Watt Hours and is manufactured with RoHS compliant materials.

US $166.25

This rechargeable Lithium-Ion 5200 mAh battery set provides 7.4V and 39 Watt Hours and is manufactured with RoHS compliant materials.

US $284.05

The Yuma extended cap extends IP67 and MIL-STD-810F protection to SDIO and ExpressCard (34mm) accessories that do not fit under the standard cap.

US $71.25

The Yuma pole mount provides a solid mount to a range pole commonly used with a top-mounted high-precision GPS receiver.

US $185.25

The hand strap ensures positive contact to the palm of your hand when holding the Yuma in one hand and using the stylus with your other hand.

US $14.25

The stylus pen for the Yuma has a special tip designed to minimize scratches or other damage to the touch screen.

US $19.00

The stylus tether ensures your stylus is never far from your Yuma, and prevents losing the stylus due to dropping it or putting it in a pocket on your clothing.

US $5.70

Protect your touch screen display with a two-pack of optically clear screen protectors. Custom fitted for the Yuma rugged tablet.

US $22.80

Diffuse reflected light and protect your touch screen display surface with Anti Glare screen protectors.

US $29.45

Kingston - Flash memory card - 4 GB - Class 4 – SDHC

US $22.00






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