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The Nomad Office Docking Station recharges the battery when a Nomad handheld is placed correctly in the unit. Also, in addition to an Ethernet port, the Docking Station supports USB host, USB client and DC power input.


US $295.00

The USB Boot features a USB host port and a headset jack (mono audio plus microphone) plus a docking connection for use with the Nomad Office Docking Station.


US $95.00

The UHF RFID Reader is designed for a variety of RFID scenarios, including asset management and inventory management. The Reader is tested and certified to IP67 and MIL-STD-810F standards, making it as durable and resistant to harsh environments as the Nomad computer.


US $595.00

International Power Adapter

Allows you to recharge your Nomad or Ranger battery where AC power is available. Compatible with 110 - 220V AC power, 50 - 60 Hz, it has multiple adapters for North American or international use.

US $56.05

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery module. Be prepared for those times when you can't recharge and need to keep working.

US $90.25

Allows you to use AA batteries for a power source for your Nomad. This accessory is an excellent choice when you will not have routine access to AC or DC power to recharge the Lithium-Ion battery. Excellent for weeks-long expeditions into undeveloped areas.

US $85.50

If you own a second battery module, the spare battery charger can recharge it while your Nomad is using the other battery module. Please note that a spare rechargeable battery and the required charger (AC or DC) are NOT included.

US $47.50

Allows you to recharge the battery when in your vehicle. This charger is compatible with 12V DC systems and with Nomad and Ranger.

US $141.55

A 9-pin serial cable used to connect external devices which utilize RS-232C serial communications. This is compatible with the Serial Boot accessory for Nomad.

US $14.25

A USB cable used to connect external devices which utilize USB communications. This is compatible with the USB Boot accessory.

US $14.25

Trimble-branded standard nylon carry case (yellow).

US $23.75

Trimble-branded nylon carry case for Extended CF-Cap (yellow).

US $23.75

Trimble-branded deluxe case with belt clip and shoulder strap (gray) for Nomad.

US $38.00

The hand strap fastens to the back of the Nomad and assists the Nomad operator to retain their grasp on the Nomad, reducing the chances of dropping the Nomad.

US $11.40

The stylus pen features a spring-loaded tip and Phillips tip screwdriver.

US $19.00

The stylus pen lanyard is designed to be worn around the operator's neck and prevents the stylus from being dropped to the ground.

US $7.60

This pack of two (2) screen protectors are designed to be ultra-clear and are optimal for use in conditions other than full sunlight.

US $7.60

This pack of two (2) screen protectors are designed to be anti-glare and are optimal for use in conditions such as full sunlight or under bright interior lights.

US $7.60

This bracket is designed to hold the Nomad to a vertical pole commonly used in GPS data collection applications.

US $147.25

This mount is used to mount a Nomad to the dashboard of a vehicle. This mount is designed to allow the Nomad to be easily removed so it can leave the vehicle with the operator.

US $44.65

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