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The Recon Standard Nylon Carry Case is designed for Recon handheld computers with a Standard Cap installed. This rugged carry case Comes in yellow only and is Trimble-branded. This case keeps your Recon dry and protected, and features a zipper closure top flap with a hand strap for easy carrying.

US $23.75

PowerBoot Module, with improved capacity and reliability as compared to the original PowerBoot Module. Identifiable by the gray sticker next to the serial port. Features 4000 mAh capacity and improved charging intelligence.

Please note that this battery should only be charged with the Recon charger that began shipping with units in early 2009.

US $90.25

Allows you to use disposable or rechargeable AA batteries as a power source for the Trimble Recon.

US $85.50

PhiHong brand charger for use in the United States and Internationally through the use of the included adapters for foreign power systems. Recharges all Recon PowerBoot Modules, including the new 4000 mAh module.

US $47.50

Used for connecting a serial device to the Recon or Ranger.

US $14.25

The USB cable is used to connect the Recon or Ranger to a Windows PC.

US $14.25

Carry case for Recon with Extended CF-Cap. Comes in gray only. Zipper top. Keeps your Recon dry and protected.

US $23.75

Place the Recon in the deluxe case while you work. The deluxe carrycase has belt clip and neck strap plus a clear front.

US $38.00
US $39.85
US $44.60

The Recon hand strap fits snugly on the back of the Recon and you slide your hand through it for a secure fit.

US $11.40

Recon stylus pens come in a pack of two. It's recommended that you use a stylus pen on your Recon touchscreen.

US $5.70

Keep track of your stylus pen by attaching it to a bright yellow lanyard.

US $7.60

Package of two (2) ultra-clear screen protectors. Keep your touchscreen in good condition with screen protectors.

US $7.60

Package of two (2). Keep your touchscreen in good condition with screen protectors.

US $7.60

Keep your Recon securely fastened to any GPS pole with this bracket. Enables you to have a free hand to enter data.

US $147.25

Heavy-duty mount holds your Recon securely while you travel. Mount it to the dash or the floor of your vehicle.

US $44.65

Desktop cradle charges the Recon PowerBoot Module, provides USB connectivity and features LED status lights. Keeps your Recon within easy reach on your desktop.

US $170.05

Standard CF-Cap ships with Recon. Keeps your Recon CF slots protected against the elements. Swap out with a different CF-Cap when you use a variety of CF cards.

US $26.60

Versatile Midsize CF-Cap fits over GPRS, 802.11 and RFID CF cards. This cap is compatible with the Recon.

US $85.50

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