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Mapping and Visualizing geotagged image locations has never been easier!

Wind Image makes processing your Geotagged images a snap. Wind Image Stand Alone will allow you to map and view your image in Google Earth, edit your images, edit your exif headings, load track logs, export Shapefiles, as well as create Microsoft Word documents. With Wind Image for ArcMap you are one click away from creating image-aware feature classes in ArcMap from your geotagged photos. In addition, Wind Image for Arcmap will allow you to load track logs, view and edit your images within ArcMap, as well as imprint your images with coordinate, date, time, and other useful tags. Wind Image for ArcMap can work with all the major ArcGIS data formats including Shapefile, Personal Geodatabase, File Geodatabase and ArcSDE formats.

Wind Image for ArcMap is compatible with ESRI ArcMap versions 9.2 up to version 10.2.

Flawless image integration for ArcGIS users.  Imprint date time, GPS position and attributes right onto your photos. Process photos into hyperlinked and raster embedded datasets and process Ricoh track-logs. Wind image supports all coordinate systems supported within ArcMap and all ESRI Geo-database types (Personal,File and ArcSde).

US $199.00

This alllows you to upgrade to the current version of Wind Image for ArcMap.  This is not the software package, it is a software upgrade - previous version of Wind Image for ArcMap is required.

US $89.55

Wind Image Stand Alone is the ultimate application for processing images outside of any other program. Use Wind Image Stand Alone to edit images,create maps, generate reports, convert and export files to formats such as KML, KMZ, and shapefiles. Take your geo-tagged images to the next level.

US $199.00

This alllows you to upgrade to the current version of Wind Image StandAlone.  This is not the software package, it is a software upgrade - previous version of Wind Image StandAlone is required.

US $89.55

This bundle includes both Software Applications plus one license for Wind Image for ArcMap and on license for Wind Image Standalone.

US $299.00

The Wind Image™ Transfer program allows for seamless image transfer between the Ricoh G700SE® digital camera and Trimble® handheld field computers using WIFI® technology. Wind Image™ Transfer is the only application available that will completely automate the image transfer setup process not only making the necessary adjustments to allow Ricoh® and Trimble® devices to talk but also maintain your ability to use your WIFI connection to browse the internet when not transferring images. By automating all of the necessary setup requirements both on the camera and the field computer this allows for easy configuration and use by users of all technical skill levels.

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